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A New Way To Give

Financial sustainability is crucial for charitable organizations. At Casa Hogar, the operation of our home drives the need for donation contributions. Groceries, cleaning products, energy costs and Caregiver salaries are some of our essential requirements.

To help diversify donation sources we are rolling out some new fundraising strategies.

E-commerce (shopping online) is a growing way to buy and sell products. Over two billion people use e-commerce.

Thank you for considering an in-kind donation!

Casa Hogar operates with an Amazon wish list filled with items desired for operating the home, decor or fun.

Many of the wish list items can be shipped directly to our address while others have changing shipping limitations.

We are not overly concerned about brands or colors, new or second-hand.

You might see something on our Amazon wish list that you have in home and would like to donate on your next trip to Cabo.

The Amazon wish list also provides inspiration people looking to shop for items in their home town prior to travelling to Cabo.

For those who prefer to travel light, almost all of our need items are available for purchase locally.

Use the button below to purchase your official Casa Hogar gear with College Hill. Proceeds will be directed to Casa Hogar Cabo.

Add additional fruits and vegetables into the daily diet of a child or teen in a fun and easy way.

Juice Plus+ fruit and vegetable blends are exciting food products (not supplements) designed to help kids (and adults) consume more fruit and vegetable nutrients. Products are available in gummies or capsules, are NSF certified and 100% plant based.
Whenever possible the full produce including peel and seeds are frozen when ripe, pulverized and slow dried to maximize nutritional benefits. Portions are available in 4-month blocks. For kids 4-12 years-old ($2,610 Pesos) For teens 13-18 years-old the adult price is ($5,220 Pesos) Click to Shop online for Juice Plus+ products with shipping directly to Casa Hogar. A credit card is required. Clinical studies strongly demonstrate benefits to heart, lung, immune system, brain, gums and teeth. Mailing address to use for product delivery to Casa Hogar: Casa Hogar de Cabo San Lucas Calle Playas s/n, e/Playa el Medano y Playa del Amor Col. Cerro de los Venados Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico 23473 Live or travel frequently to Los Cabos? Juice Plus+ offers a special matching program whereby each adult order is matched with a free child order (fruits & vegetables) for up to four years. Visit Healthy Starts for Families for more information. Questions? Contact Casa Hogar volunteer, Linda Welsh, [email protected]